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Santander de Titulización, SGFT, S.A. is a Management Company of Securitisation Funds. It has been incorporated as a limited liability company in December, 1992, been registered in the Special Registrer established for such purpose by the Spanish Securities Market Commission ("CNMV") under number 1 and has the exclusive purpose of incorporating, administering and managing, the Mortgage Securitisation Funds and the Asset Securitisation Funds, and as a subsidiary of Santander constitutes the Santander group.



Canceled Funds

Santander Banesto UCI
Santander Consumer Finance Multiseller Cedula Others



Santander Consumo 4 FT

Issue Amount

1.530.000.000 Eur €

Santander Financiacion 1

Issue Amount

1.914.300.000,00 €

Santander Hipotecario 2

Issue Amount

1.972.600.000,00 €

Santander Hipotecario 3

Issue Amount

2.822.400.000,00 €

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