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Santander de Titulización, SGFT, S.A. is a Management Company of Securitisation Funds. It has been incorporated as a limited liability company in December, 1992, been registered in the Special Registrer established for such purpose by the Spanish Securities Market Commission ("CNMV") under number 1 and has the exclusive purpose of incorporating, administering and managing, the Mortgage Securitisation Funds and the Asset Securitisation Funds, and as a subsidiary of Santander constitutes the Santander group.



Mortgages Loans (RMBS) Enterprises SME's
Consumer Auto Multiseller Cedula Consumer Loans
Others Banca Mayorista Santander


The Assets object of securitisation through their assignment to the Fund are loans granted by the Assignor to finance other types of products.


Issue Amount

35.000.000,00 €

FT CIMA SPAIN 2021-1 Barbanza

Issue Amount

14.000.000,00 €

FTA Santander 1

Issue Amount

4.500.000.000,00 €

FTA Santander 2

Issue Amount,00 €


Issue Amount

1.598.000.000,00 €

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